Billing FAQ

How does Voltage charge for its services?

Unlike regular subscription services that charge a flat fee per month, Voltage uses a per-hour system. Your services, such as nodes, or BTCPayServer are paid for using your Voltage credit, which you can top up at any time using bitcoin or a traditional debit/credit card. Over time, your credit will deplete, prompting for more credit to be added.

How do I stop being charged for Voltage Services?

We only charge for nodes in the "running" state. Nodes that are "stopped", or "deleted" do not accrue additional charges.
Stopping a node
At the top right of your Node Voltage dashboard, you will see a "stop" and "start" icon. Use these buttons to stop your node and stop being charged for services.
Press the stop button on the right in order to stop your node
Deleting a node
On your Node Voltage Dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click delete. Be sure to remove all funds from your node before deleting!
Scroll to the bottom of the page to the danger zone, to delete your node

How do I access my Billing page?

Your Billing page can be accessed on your main Voltage dashboard under Account Details. If you are on your Node dashboard, you can click the 4 squares in the upper right to get back to your main Voltage dashboard.

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

We accept Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin either on-chain or Lightning Network. With Credit/Debit cards you can turn on auto-pay and set a threshold for when to top up. For example, you can set when credit goes below $5, top up with $20.
For on-chain Bitcoin and Lightning Network, you have to keep an eye on your credit or on your email and we will let you know when you need to top-up. You can make these changes on your Billing dashboard when you are logged in to Voltage.

How do I add Node Credit with Bitcoin?

To add Node Credit, click Billing under account details (see image above) and then click Add Node Credit.
After you click Add Node Credit, you can choose how much you want to add and click Fill Up.
After that, you can get your credit by paying in Bitcoin on-chain, Lightning, your on-file credit/debit card, or a card to use a single time.
And that's it! Your credit will be topped up.

How do I enable auto-pay?

On your billing dashboard, be sure you had a credit/debit card payment in the Payment Methods.
After your card, is added, click Configure Auto Pay
You can now customize when your auto pay is triggered.
Click save and you're all set!

Will my Node get deleted if I don't top up my Credit in time?

No, but you will lose unrestricted access. Actively running nodes will keep running, but you will not be able to start your node back up if you update the node or update a setting which requires a restart. In order to start your node or start using additional products you must get your credit above $0.
We provide 90 days before we reserve the right to delete nodes. If you expect to no longer use the Voltage service, please take the time to send funds off your node first. If you don't, the only way to recover would be with your seed phrase and Static Channel Backup file.

How do I stop being charged?

If you delete your node, you will stop being charged for it. To do this, on your Voltage dashboard click the square "stop" button and then scroll to the bottom for the delete button. Be sure to remove all funds from your node before deleting! It is important that you do this manually because by doing it manually you accept responsibility for any funds that are still on the node when deleted. Be sure to remove all funds before deleting nodes.

How do I delete my entire Voltage account?

To delete your entire Voltage account, be sure you remove all funds from nodes and then manually delete all nodes and BTCPayServers that may be running first. After you do this, email [email protected] from your Voltage email requesting permanent account deletion and we will close the account.

Where can I find what I am being charged for?

Go into your billing dashboard and view "Monthly Summaries". This will contain a list of products used, and for how many usage hours they were being used for.

What am I being charged?

Lite LND Node: $0.017/hr (~$12.24/mo)
Standard LND Node: $0.043/hr (~30.96/mo)
BTCPayServer: $0.012/hr (~$8.64/mo)

I didn't have to add credit when I started my account. Why is this?

All new accounts are provisioned with $10 of credit to get them started. You will be sent an email alert to add credit when the $10 of credit is close to depletion. You can also add credit at any time.