Your First Store

In BTCPayServer, a Store is essentially where you customize the checkout experience for your customers, along with configure your bitcoin on-chain or Lightning Network endpoints. After you click stores, click create new store, and then name your store. After you do this you will be greeted with some configuration options.

General Settings

Wallet: This is where you can configure your on-chain wallet. You can either upload a watch-only xpub from an external wallet among other options. We have disabled the ability to create hot wallets within BTCPayServer for our user's protection.
To add on-chain bitcoin option to your BTCPayServer, click Bitcoin under the Wallet category
You will then be brought to a menu that will give you the option to choose between connecting an existing wallet or creating a new wallet. If you opt to create a new wallet, you will be able to receive on-chain funds through your BTCPayServer. However, to gain access to these funds you must import the seed phrase you are given into an external wallet. There is no way to send out of BTCPayServer external wallet.
Alternatively, you can click Connect an existing wallet and be provided with some options on how to connect hardware wallets, etc.
We recommend using Enter extended public key. This is for a few reasons. The first reason is that the funds that are paid go directly into your control. The second reason is that a new address is generated after every payment, which enhances your privacy from those that are paying you.
The third reason is it is arguably the easiest method. On your hardware device or mobile wallet (such as blue wallet) you will be able to export an "xpub" string. Simply enter this into your BTCPayServer after clicking Enter extended public key to sync your wallet to your BTCPayServer.
Lightning: This is where you can connect your BTCPayServer store to your external lightning node either one running locally or on Voltage.
To connect a Lightning Node click Lightning under the Wallets menu. If you were already running a Voltage lightning node before starting BTCPayServer, your node will already be connected to your BTCPayServer. If you started your Voltage lightning node after you started your Voltage BTCPayServer, you will need to go to your Voltage dashboard for a code to enter into your BTCPayServer.
On your Voltage dashbaord of your Voltage Lightning node, click connect, and then under application, click BTCPayServer.
Click the dropdown and then Click BTCPayServer
Click "Bake" and you will get a connection string. Copy this connection string. It will start with: "type=lnd-rest;server=." After you have copied this, go back to your BTCPayServer Lightning Wallet and click Settings, and then Change Connection. Make sure Use custom node is selected, and then paste in the connection string into the box under "Connection configuration for your custom Lightning node:"
Make sure to click Save. And then click Test Connection. You should get confirmation that everything is connected correctly. After this, you are all set up!
The last thing to keep in mind is how you want the invoice page to look. If you go to Settings and Checkout Appearance, you will see some options:
Decide if you want Bitcoin on-chain or Lightning to be the default way to pay, set any minimum pricing, and other settings on this page.
General: You are also able to define your Store Website or re-name your store under the General sub-category.
Payment: This is where you can customize your payment portal. The default options are generally find for most users, but feel free to experiment with the options.
Be sure to click "Save Store Settings" when you make changes!
Services: Set up a connection to an external email.