Your First Store

In BTCPayServer, a Store is essentially where you customize the checkout experience for your customers, along with configure your bitcoin on-chain or Lightning Network endpoints. After you click stores, click create new store, and then name your store. After you do this you will be greeted with some configuration options.

General Settings

Wallet: This is where you can configure your on-chain wallet. You can either upload a watch-only xpub from an external wallet or generate a new hot wallet within btcpayserver.
Lightning: This is where you can connect your BTCPayServer store to your external lightning node either one running locally or on Voltage.
General: You are also able to define your Store Website or re-name your store under the General sub-category.
Payment: This is where you can customize your payment portal. The default options are generally find for most users, but feel free to experiment with the options.
Be sure to click "Save Store Settings" when you make changes!
Services: Set up a connection to an external email.


Coming Soon