BTCPay General Overview
Congratulations on taking your first step into the wonderful world of self-sovereign payment processing with BTCPayServer. No intermediaries. No Visa. No Mastercard. No hidden fees that you have to pass to your customers. No nonsense; all freedom. Let's get started.

The Home Screen

When you first get logged into your Voltage hosted BTCPayServer, you will see the following screen:
In the header at the top of your home screen after you login, you will see some options. Let's go through some of these in a general sense to get you acquainted with out BTCPay is organized.
Stores: In BTCPay, A store is a configuration for general settings, wallet setup, payment preferences, and other things. It is the general rules for your app.
Apps: Apps are the interface that your customers will see your store. It will be what generates the invoice, shows the price, and shows the product/service. All apps will have a unique URL that you can use to redirect from your own site or show on a tablet selling something in person such as a lemonade stand.
Wallets: You may generate your own hot wallets inside of BTCPayServer if you prefer to not use watch-only xpubs from an external divice.
Invoices: This is where you can see a history of your generated invoices and sales. You are able to export .CSV files or .JSON files for your records and analytics in this tab.
Profile: The little person icon in the upper right corner. Here you may change your username, password, add two factor authentication, generate API keys if you want to plug your BTCPay into an external application, and add notifications.

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