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Encrypted Data Backups

This page describes how we utilize encrypted backups on the platform and how you can leverage this with our API.


When creating nodes via our dashboard there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure your node is secure but still usable from the site. To acheive this, we backup the seed phrase and admin macaroon after they are encrypted client-side. This allows us to still display connection information and other functionality (like Thunderhub) without ever being able to actually see your credentials. Because we can't automate these tasks for you when creating nodes from the API, you will have to perform these backups yourself.
You will not be able to use things like the Connection tab or Thunderhub without backing up an encrypted macaroon.

Encryption Example

We use AES-256 when encrypting and decrypting the data. On our dashboard, we use the node's password as the secret key for encryption. Here's what that would look like in Node.js:
import AES from 'crypto-js';
const encryptedString = AES.encrypt(base64MacaroonData, 'MySecretPassword').toString()


Using the above encryption example, you are able to make encrypted strings of text for both your admin macaroon and seed phrase. With the following endpoints, you are able backup that encrypted data for later use: