Corporate Accounts

This page describes Corporate Accounts and why they are useful
Flow Corporate Accounts allow you to purchase unlimited channels without paying the fees upfront. Instead we keep track of your orders and send you a final bill at the end of the month for all orders. This makes it very easy for businesses or applications to leverage Flow to do things like onboarding and giving out channels to their users.
  • Easily order large amounts of channels
  • Give out channels to your users for rewards or onboarding.
  • Get capacity without locking up your own funds.
  • Bootstrap new products and services.

How to get an account

Currently the only way to get a Corporate Account on Flow is to contact us. We can provide more information and create your Corporate Account.

Checking Balance

You can check your ongoing balance for the month with the /flow/balance endpoint. This will return how much fees you have incurred for the month so far.
-X GET \
"balance": 23123