Interacting with Flow

This page describes how to install Pool on various nodes
If you are not running a Voltage node, you must install Pool manually. If your node is with Voltage, it will automatically redeem the Flow ticket.


If you are running a Voltage node, Flow will automatically interact with your node. If your node is external, you'll need to run Pool locally to redeem tickets generated through Flow. You can learn how to setup Pool manually below and use the following poold.conf file:
[Application Options]


You can find Lightning Terminal on the Umbrel App Store. Lightning Terminal is the official user interface for Loop and Pool, by Lightning Labs.

Raspiblitz and MyNode

Raspiblitz and MyNode both support Lightning Terminal as part of their default feature set, which is the official user interface for Loop and Pool, by Lightning Labs.

Start 9 Embassy

The Start 9 team says that LiT is coming soon. Keep an eye out!


If you run a custom Lightning Network stack with LND, you can install pool manually buy cloning the Pool repository and installing in a directory of your choice. The repository can be found here.
After installation, you can use the poold command to turn the pool service on. The service will have to be on if you actively have a bid or ask order at all times or the auction server cannot match your orders.
Alternatively you can install the Lightning Terminal (LiT) application, also made by lightning labs to interact with pool through a GUI interface. The instructions for LiT can be found here.