Balance of Satoshis

What is BOS?

Balance of Satoshis (BOS) is a command line tool developed by Lightning Labs developer Alex Bosworth. In some ways it is a more advanced version of of lncli , but it also has a lot of other interesting ways to interact with your node. In this series we will be going over a few of my favorite features of BOS.
Voltage does not have Balance of Satoshis installed natively. For access, you must install BOS on a linux machine that is directly accessed by you, and then connect it to your Voltage node. This is also how Voltage handles lncli. For instructions on how to install BOS on your home linux machine (or VPS), please visit: https://github.com/alexbosworth/balanceofsatoshis .
After you install BOS on your local or VPS linux machine, you can then connect your Voltage node to BOS using the instructions found in the Balance of Satoshis section of your Voltage node Dashboard:
After successfully connected, you can run $ bos -h to generate a list of all the BOS commands:
We will not be going over all of these commands in this guide, but feel free to experiment and try some out! There are very simple ones such as open, peers, pay, which function exactly as you would expect. These functions of your node can also be done in the Thunderhub GUI accessed directly through your Voltage dashboard, and lncli.
Using BOS is not required to have an amazing Routing Node. If you are uncomfortable with command line, please do not feel like you *must* learn it. Thunderhub gives you enough power to be able to run your node. BOS just has a few extra features.