Batch Open Channels w/ Terminal Web

A batch open is when you open multiple channels to as many peers as you like with a single on chain transaction. This is built into terminal web. To access terimal web follow the instructions outlined in this doc: https://docs.voltage.cloud/guides/lightning-node-connect-and-terminal-web
After you have access to Terminal Web, be sure you have adequate on chain funds to accomplish your opens, and also you know which peers you are looking to open with. Once you have determined that, you can click Home and then Open Channel:
On the next screen, find the peer you are looking to open a channel with either by Alias or URI (pubkey@endpoint:port) jand determine the amount of bitcoin you are wanting to allocate to that channel. Click next.
Next set your initial fee rates for the channel. This is used to determine how much you get paid for routing payments through the channel. Click Next.
The next screen will ask if you want the channel public or private. This setting cannot be changed after open. Public channels are ones that the network will see exists and will allow payment forwarding. Private channels are more difficult for the oustide network to know exists but you cannot route outside payments through the channel. Most choose public. Click next.
From here, you can add more channels to your transaction if you are looking to batch open, simply click the + Add Channel option to add another channel to the transaction and go through the same prompts.
When satisfied, click Next and then choose an on-chain fee rate to pay to open the channels. Again, a batch open is multiple channel opens with one on chain transaction. Choose an appropriate on-chain transaction fee and then finalize the open by clicking Batch Open Channels.