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Donations with BTCPay Guide

Set up your BTCPayServer to accept Donations
This guide will show step by step how to configure your BTCPayServer to accept payments for donations from directly within the dashboard. After you have configured your store wallets either on-chain, Lightning, or both, you are ready to start your first app. First thing to do is to click on + New App under the Apps option.
After you click New App, you will be prompted to choose either Point of Sale, or Crowdfund. For this guide you will choose Point of Sale. And also name your app for your own organization. On Voltage you can have unlimited stores and apps without extra cost. Click Create.
After you click create you will be brought to your app configuration page. On this page you can change the name of your app, the title that your donors will see, the currency you want to be represented, along with a store description.
Enter your App Name, and Display Title and Currency. Add a Description if you prefer.
On the Products option, trash can everything except for one. And click edit.
Fill out the information requested:
Be sure to make price minimum = 0. Add a title and you can add an image as well if you like. The image must be to a hosted image such as a .jpg file. You cannot upload images directly to BTCPayServer. When you are happy, click Save Changes.
On the Appearances menu, choose Item List Only as the Point of Sale Style. You can also decide if you will require an email for tracking purposes. This is optional.
Disable User can input Custom amount. If you enable it, there will be two donation buttons.
Under Additional Options, you can extract payment buttons and iframes to imbed on your own website, along with adding a redirect URL to send your donor after they pay the invoice.
Be sure to click Save when you are done. Then click View.
Take note of the URL you are taken to, in this instance and bookmark it. This is a unique URL that will not change. Consider creating a subdomain on your main site such as donate.mainsite.com and point it towards your btcpayserver store URL from your site backend (such as cpanel). That way you can simply tell people that your store is at donate.mainsite.com and not the long URL that is provided.
Test it out by clicking save and then View.
For an example, your donation page may look something like this:
The donor can pick what they want to donate, and then click Donate. They will then be brought to the invoice page. The invoice page can have a QR code for Bitcoin on-chain, Lightning, or Both. It will look like this:
The donor will pay and the funds will be immediately within your control. Voltage does not hold your funds or track your funds in any way. If you have further questions please contact us on our discord as https://voltage.cloud/discord or email us at [email protected].