Lightning Node Connect and Terminal Web

Learn how to use Lightning Node Connect and Terminal Web on Voltage
Terminal Web is a powerful tool built by Lightning Labs that puts all of the Lightning Labs products (Loop, Pool, Farady, and more) into one place. Connection to Terminal Web requires a Lightning Node Connect pairing phrase, which is now live on Voltage for all Standard level nodes at no extra charge.
Lightning Node Connect is a very powerful and reliable method of remotely accessing a Lightning Node running LND. By generating a pairing phrase which will be several English words, you are able to link your node with specific permissions with outside services without experiencing the restrictions of the tor network.
Lite nodes are not compatible with Voltage provided Lightning Node Connect (LNC).
To get started on your Voltage node dashboard, click Connect to Lightning Terminal. and then enter your node unlock password. You can also access through the Connect menu and select Lightning Node Connect from the drop-down menu.
From here, click New Session and give the Session a name. Then select your permissions type, either readonly or Admin. We will have more permission types soon. Then choose an expiration date. You can go as far into the future as you like. Then click Create.
After you click create, you will see your created Session, and you can expose the pairing phrase from there. You can also manually revoke the pairing any time. After you use the pairing phrase once, it cannot be used again. You have to create multiple pairing phrases for multiple services.
Now you are ready to connect your node to any service that allows Lightning Node Connect. There are many but for this guide we will go over three briefly.

Terminal Web

The first is Terminal Web. This is where you can access Lightning Loop, Pool, and set autofees, along with other cool tools. First thing to do is go to https://terminal.lightning.engineering and then click login. Terminal Web will now ask for your pairing phrase so you can copy and paste it from your Voltage Lightning Node Connect Session. Click Connect.
You must now create a password for security. After you do that, you will be logged in.
The Terminal Web dashboard will give you many tools. You can see your total sats earned through fees, graphs, set feerates, send/receive, and more. Please see the Lightning Terminal and other Lightning Labs guides for exact instructions on how to use Loop, Pool, etc.

Zeus Mobile

Next, if you would like to manage your node on the go reliably and easily, you can do so with Zeus. You can find Zeus on your apple or google play store or download the .apk directly from zeusln.com. From there, in the connection config, select Lightning Node Connect and then enter your pairing phrase. Remember you need to generate a new pairing phrase for each service. Click Connect and you will be linked to your node via Zeus.

Echo Podcast2.0

Finally, you can stream sats to your favorite content creators over on echoln.com, a browser based podcast 2.0 service.
This guide was meant to help get you started with using Lightning Node Connect on Voltage, and as always for any questions we can be reached on our Discord Server or through direct Support.