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Setting Up a Point of Sale

To set up a Point of Sale service using LNBits, first click Manage Extensions on the left side panel.
In the Extensions list, find the TPoS extension and click Enable.
Once enabled, click TPoS under Extensions on the left side menu bar and then click NEW TPOS.
Enter the name of the Point of Sale.
In the Wallet Drop-Down, you will find your Voltage nodes. Click the one you wish to use for your Point of Sale.
Select the currency you are using.
Click Create TPOS.
Your new POS will now appear in the list with an ID.
Click the icon next to the ID:
This will take you to the Customer-Facing Point of Sale. Be sure to save the URL so you can access your Point-Of-Sale app from anywhere, anytime. Simply enter in the price, and click OK. An invoice from your Lightning Node will appear for a customer to pay you.