Nostr and LNaddress

Learn how to use the Nostr and LNaddress services with Voltage
With Voltage you have the ability to secure a NIP-O5 identifier for nostr which doubles as a Lightning Address directly to your own node either running on Voltage or outside of Voltage.
On your primary Voltage dashboard, click Nostr.
You will then be given a list of your current Nostr accounts. To create a new one, click:.
On the next screen you will be asked if you would like to create a new npub or use an existing one. If you already use nostr, you can put your information into the Use existing npub area. If you are new, click Create new npub.
In the nym box, put in what you would like your NIP-05 and Lightning Address to be. All NIP-05 and Lightning Addresses on voltage will have a @vlt.ge attached.
If you generate a new npub on Voltage, be sure you save your private key somewhere safe. On nostr, if anyone gets your private key, they can impersonate you.
After you do this, click Create Nostr Account.
From here, you can turn Lightning Address and Zaps on/off, see your npub, or delete your nostr account form Voltage.
From here, if you would like to enable Lightning Address and Zaps, click Enable.
Now you will be given an option to connect an existing Voltage node or an external node that you may be running at home.
First lets use a Voltage node. Your Voltage node will automatically be selected, or if you are running multiple, a drop box will be available so you can choose which node will be attached to your LNaddress. You must then enter your node password to secure the link. Then click Save Settings.
After you save, you will be taken back to your nostr dashboard where you will see Lightning Address and Zaps now "ON."

Non-Voltage node connection:

If you are using a node external to Voltage, you can click "Use a self-hosted node" And then enter the information needed to connect to your external node. On this screen enter your endpoint, for most it will be an IP address with :10009 as the port.
For the macaroon file be sure to bake one for CREATE INVOICE and GET INVOICE. You can do this on thunderhub. If you just give permission for CREATE INVOICE, then the zaps you get will not be displayed on nostr clients and that's no fun.
And to get your tls.cert string, the command is:
xxd -p -c2000 /path/to/tls.cert
For detailed information on how to do this, check out our short explainer video here:
And that's all there is to it! After you get that all configured you can go to your favorite nostr client and put in your information and LNaddress to start zapping and getting zapped straight to your own node!