Voltage Node on Mobile

Take your node on the go with Zeus!
You can log in to your Voltage account and node page through the home page log-in portal at any time on voltage.cloud. But what if you just want to access your Voltage node quickly to make a payment while on the go, or see your channels, or change fees quickly and easily? You can do this with the Zeus mobile app.
Find the ZeusLN mobile app on google play or the apple app store or download the .apk directly from zeusln.com.
Next, on your Voltage node home page click "connect" from the menu on the left. Then find Lightning Node Connect in the drop-down. Generate a pairing phrase with the label of "Zeus" or whatever you wish.
On your Zeus mobile app, click connect to node through Lightning Node Connect. Scan the QR code or enter the pairing phrase and go through the prompts.
You will now have complete access to your Voltage node to make and receive payments while on the go on mobile. For more information on how Zeus works, check out zeusln.com.