Lightning Network Terms

  • Node: The server that is used to communicate with other nodes on the network, maintain payment channels, and send/receive payments.
  • Macaroon: A form of credentials used to authenticate to LND's APIs.
  • API Endpoint: The domain at which your node's API is located for access.
  • Channel: A payment channel between two nodes on the network used to facilitate payments.
  • Channel Backup: A file containing the necessary information to reclaim funds in a disaster.
  • Peers: Another node on the network that we are connected to.
  • Graph: The global payments channels of the Lightning Network used to route payments.
  • Gossip: The communication of channel and node updates to other peers on the network.
  • gRPC: A modern open source high performance Remote Procedure Call (RPC) framework for APIs.
  • REST: An application programming interface that conforms to the constraints of REST architecture.
  • Public Key (PubKey): a public portion of a keypair that's used to identify your node on the network.
  • URI: The combination of your node's PubKey and Tor connection string or Clearnet IP Address.
  • Alias: A human readable identifier for your node.
  • Watchtower: A server that watching your payment channels to ensure no one steals funds.
  • Keysend: Allows any node to send a payment to any other (online) node without requiring an invoice.
  • AMP: Stands for Atomic Multi Path Payment.
  • Wumbo: A channel that does not have a limit on the maximum size.
  • Circular Routes: The ability to send and receive a payment on the same channel.
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