Access LNCLI Quickly

There may come a time where you will need to get information from the node directly through commands. Usually this is to see things such as broadcasted UTXOs, and other data. Instead of having you install LNCLI on your own computer or VPS, we have built a much easier way to access your node.
On your Voltage dashboard, click Connect on the left side. Then under the Application dropbox, click lncli(replit).
Be sure to log in or make a replit account if you do not have one.
In the upper right, click Fork.
On the next popup, click Fork Repl.
On the next screen, at the bottom you will see two tabs: Console, and Shell. Click the Shell tab.
Next, paste in the information provided to you on your Voltage dashboard under Connect -> LNCLI(Replit) found in the drop down labeled as Step #3 in the shell and press Enter.
The information to paste into the Shell can be found on your Voltage Connect Dashboard in the LNCLI(replit) dropdown option.
After you paste your connection information into the shell, type lncli getinfo and then press enter. You should then be presented with data about your node. This means that the connection was successful. From here you can run lncli -h to see a list of commands you can use to interact with your node. Be careful though, if you are not entirely sure what a command does, it is best to do research first.
More information on what lncli commands you can use can also be found here.
Hope this helps get you started with using LNCLI. And as always if you have questions, please ask us on our Discord at https://voltage.cloud/discord or email us at [email protected].