TLS Certificates

The Voltage Platform provisioned TLS certificates that are signed by a trusted certificate authority. Learn more about what that means and how to use them below.


All communication to your node is encrypted from your device to the node itself. We're never able to decrypt a payload in the middle. To further enhance security and user experience, all nodes use TLS certificates that are provisioned by our SSL provider, ZeroSSL. This means that when connecting to your node you never have to supply the certificate to your device (assuming the application supports it). Your device is able to validate the authenticity of the certificate just like it would any other website with HTTPS. This makes it much easier to connect to your node and use it with popular apps like Lightning Joule.

Renewing an Expired Certificate

The TLS certificate that is provisioned for your node expires after 90 days. We currently do no support auto-renewing of the TLS certificate (we're working on it). However when your certificate does expire, updating it is very easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Voltage Dashboard and go to your node.

  2. Stop your node by clicking the 'Stop' button in the upper right.

  3. Once your node's status says 'stopped', scroll down and click 'Expand Settings'.

  4. Scroll down just a bit more and there is an 'Update Certificate' button. Click it.

  5. After the page refreshes, you can click the 'Start' button in the upper right.

  6. That's it! Your certificate should be renewed when the node comes online.

If you have any issues updating your certificate please reach out to us in our Telegram channel or at [email protected]