Surge Changelog

This document contains a changelog for the Surge Application.

Surge: v1.1.0 | Minor Update 2023-09-25

• Removed special calculations for determining unconfirmed on-chain balance. If LND reports the unconfirmed balance as 0, we report 0 as well.
• For a spontaneous payment (amp or keysend), LND does not provide an immediate field indicating which pubkey being paid to. It is now derived from the HTLC on success or a specific failure.
Ability to easily clear the Search Bar on the Activity Page.
Fixed a bug that was causing issues with loading more items on lists than intended.
• When you sort your peer’s list by Alias, it will use expected alphanumeric ordering (123456Node, alpha, bravo, Charlie, Delta).
• Keysend payments were erroneously marked as bolt11; we now properly identify and mark them as keysends.
• When you receive a keysend, an invoice is generated and immediately settled. We fixed a race condition bug so the invoice status will be properly reflected.
• The toggle to disable or enable email alerting has been adjusted to work correctly.
• Fixed bug where the user saw an inaccurate representation of who initiated the channel open.

Surge: v1.0.0 | Major Update 2023-06-20

This version introduces outgoing payment management on top of the previously released invoice management, and fully opens Surge up to Voltage customers.
  • Replaced all graphs with d3 variants
  • Some graphs were modified to support stale states
  • Outgoing payments dashboard
  • Outgoing fees chart
  • Top peers for sending payments chart
  • Search for out
  • Detailed payments view, journey's support
  • Deterministic testing of data-store
  • Fixed node uptime chart for accuracy, and show moments where agent was disconnected but node may be online
  • Erroneous node downtime messages bug
  • Occasional negative channel count in channel status graph bug
  • Esplora issues stemming from recent network demands
  • Unknown transactions stemming from transactions not broadcast from lnd, but presenting in Surge
  • Many smaller bug fixes and improvements

Surge: v0.1.0 | Major Update 2023-04-17

This version of the Surge App brings a redesigned main dashboard. It also includes various bug fixes and performance upgrades.
  • Improved offloading data process from major nodes
  • Prevent crashes caused by large data offloading
  • Optimized data retrieval by sipping data from the node instead of chugging
  • Redesigned main dashboard for more relevant information at a glance
  • Display of user's balance broken down by on-chain and off-chain
  • New chart showing channel status over time (active, inactive, or underutilized)
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to offloading data from major nodes
  • Fixed pipeline data integrity bugs
  • Increased performance across multiple services