Voltage Quick Start Guide
Get your Node up and running quick with this QuickStart Guide


Welcome to Voltage! This Quick-Start guide is for those who want to quickly get a LND Node set up with Voltage. We will go over initial account set up, creating your first node, your Dashboard, and getting you first channels with Thunderhub and Flow.


First thing is to create an account. This can be done by going to the Voltage home page and clicking Get Started. From there, click Sign Up and register for an account. Once that is all set up, go ahead and log in. You will be greeted with your primary dashboard screen:

First Node

On your primary dashboard screen (graphic above), click Nodes to deploy a new node. Choose your basic parameters and then click Create Node.
If you plan on using your Node just to make payments, we recommend Lite. If you are planning on using this node as a routing or merchant node, pick standard. This option cannot be changed after you choose. If you need more advanced deployments, contact us for information on our custom Enterprise/Professional services.
You will then be able to name your node and create a password. This password is for all processes that interact with your node specifically. This is not the same as your Voltage account password. We recommend using a different password for your Node than your Voltage account.
After you select your Node settings, you will then be taken to a short "provisioning" screen which typically takes between one and two minutes. After your node is provisioned, you will be brought to your complete Voltage Node dashboard.

Managing Your Node

Once your node is provisioned you will have many options of interacting with your node. We have Thunderhub built into Voltage so go ahead and click Dashboards and then Thunderhub.
Copy Paste the Circled Link to Access Thunderhub -- Do not Bookmark. It will change each time you Provision
Please visit our docs on Thunderhub to learn how to use Thunderhub for to manage your node's channels and other cool things. Click here for the first part of this guide.

Node Liquidity with Flow

On your primary account screen, click Flow. This will allow you to generate a ticket to request liquidity from the Lightning Labs Pool service. For more information see our Flow guide here. As of December 2021, you will need to locally install Lightning Terminal and point it at your Voltage Node to redeem sidecar tickets. This will be better integrated directly into the Voltage platform very soon.
For further questions, concerns, or feedback please hop into our community telegram at t.me/getvoltage or email us at [email protected]
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